luni, 24 ianuarie 2011

Suicide Kiss

Suicide Kiss,
On top of your lips,
Deadly poison, drug-like bliss,
Leading into the abiss...

I have seen into the future,
I have seen your kiss bring death,
I have witnessed my destruction,
On your lips my final breath...

I have seen the blood moon rising,
From the earth into the skies,
Images from all arround me,
Shot like arrows from your eyes...

Eyes so green and full of lies,
Crying rain drops in the Sun,
Eyes with light that never dies,
Light that made me come undone...

I am standing on an edge,
I can feel you on my skin,
And your lips designed to pledge,
For my soul in hell within...

Knowing that i am not so strong,
Hiding my lips from your rain,
I am trying to hold on,
Knowing i'll be wrong again...

Cause i'm cravin for that kiss,
Lying on top of your lips,
Leading into the abiss,
With nothing but lies to miss...