joi, 25 martie 2010

At war with the gods 2

And the Earth shall tremble,
Once again in fear,
Broken lie the seal and temple,
Your mistake has brought me here.

Hope is useless, so is fate,
Powerless your gods before me,
I'm too strong, it is too late,
And your world will not adore me.

They can hide in to the shadow,
Hoping this is just a dream,
Cause there will be no tommorow,
Lonely puppets start to scream.

Whitness in my eyes your savior,
Burning in a sea of doubt,
Lost forever in his graveyard,
Slave to what i'm all about.

Years of waiting years of crying,
Lie relentless in the past,
I am here and I'm not lying,
I am here to make it last.

For I will be doomed forever,
For you will be doomed with me,
The destruction of your heaven,
Terrified in death you'll see.

Standing here against all odds,
Fire burning through my veins,
I'm at war with your lost gods,
Blackened soul with blood red stains.

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