vineri, 8 ianuarie 2010

Abandon hate!

You hate too much!
And even though you want to love,
You pray too much,
For miracles from God above,
And check your watch,
But minutes, hours, days have passed,
You say that nothing good will last,
But then again,
You hate too much!
Disturbed by all, intriged by none,
Improved by things you've never done,
You wait too much,
And in your endless days of pain,
You keep in touch,
With memories that bring the rain,
And you can't watch,
Because they haunt your dreams, your name,
And it's too much,
For you to even feel ashamed,
You bleed too much,
You bleed your life away, for what?
So you can hate, so you can blame?
You think too much,
You use your mind but not your heart,
And at the end you want the start,
You hate too much,
You judge too much,
You waste too much,
Enjoy you life, ignore and love!
Abandon hate and live above!

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  1. Uau !!! daca si pe mine m-ai lasat fara cuvinte .....pff super tare ....BRAVO mok