vineri, 27 noiembrie 2009

Child of a thousand masks

Free of myself, child of a thousand masks,
Born of this world, product of thousand tasks,
Spirit of air with endless supplies,
I can be the truth chosen from the lies.

I am certainly, whatever you want me to be,
For how long I don't know, you'll just have to see,
I'm good and I'm bad, I'm just like a spell,
You think I'm alone but I'm doing so well.

Disguised is my path, unsure is my road,
I'm used to myself not doing what I'm told,
Confusing I stand, like smoke upon water,
Today I fall apart, tomorow I don't bother.

The one without rules, the one instigator,
The problem of the world and it's investigator,
I walk on your lands, I drink from your wine,
On top of the world still wanting to climb.

No matter how high, no matter what cost,
I'll take every road and never get lost,
I stand with no fear, disturbing the peace,
Imprisoned by myself, awaiting my release.

I'll make you love, I'll make you hate,
I'll fly back home or I'll get late,
On summer's heat on winter's chill,
I'll make you good or make you ill...

9 comentarii:

  1. MMMmm, mda!!!!
    Cunoastem domne' ... frumos, adevarat!

    You've touched my soul with just one leaf
    You tried so much to make live
    You din't tried enough to make me breath
    And now i hete for making me believe

    I stand alone wright here with you
    I am alone in the 2 paire leaf
    I like to make you feel
    I hate you both for making me scream

    My life is just a road to Heaven now
    But yours is just a drop of a tear in the desert beneath
    Lies ar does how made us creat
    A wall without pain, without expectations
    My desert is not running out water
    Cause my tear enought will never be so clear
    But u will see in time that us both are worth nothing in this desert rose!

    Inspiratie de moment. ;))

  2. Toddissshhhhh, vezi ca am refacut tba de mai sus la mine pe blog :D

  3. GENIAL!!!! Nu stiu de ce nu vroiai sa o postezi?!?

  4. vroiam sa mai retusez la ea :) merci :)

  5. chiar f. faina! you're getting better and better :)

  6. "On top of the world still wanting to climb."
    Ha.Cat de tare