duminică, 23 august 2009

Miss you from Hell

The only thing that I miss,
Is the sweet taste of your lips,
Cherry red and honey made
Should I love or should I hate?

One year has passed since the day,
You killed me and walked away,
Left me to drown, all alone,
In the heart stabbed with a bone.

Confused, I didn't know why?
Was it just to see me die,
Burried, deep within the ground,
Screaming, but without a sound?

Was it just a game to you?
Deadly poison with eyes blue.
Horror hidden in the walls,
Walls that hold the darkness falls.

I may never know but still,
Victim of my own free will,
I wont rest untill I fiind,
You and all I left behind.

Far from light, there in the dark,
Slowly, vanish like a spark,
It feels strange, stranger than strange,
The world I know, it starts to change.

As I fall deep, as I fall down
As I get swallowed by the ground
I will be waiting here in hell,
To kiss your lips and smell your hair...

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