luni, 20 iulie 2009

The Antichrist

I'm here...
Waiting in the shadow
For my enemies to kill
I am...
Still in this eternal battle
Never knowing what is real
I'm lost...
In my own redemption
Lies and darkness feed my heart
I sense...
Waves of light upon me
Slowly tearing me apart
I feel...
Only pain inside me
From the day the sun was born
I see...
People dying,people fighting
From their blood I will Reborn
I'm death...
So you cannot kill me
Trying only makes you fall
I'll be...
Your ethernal torment
When you think you've had it all
I hear...
Drums of war around me
Heaven,Hell, they make me whole
I will...
Come one day ensalving
Every thing and every soul

7 comentarii:

  1. "I'll be...
    Your ethernal torment
    When you think you've had it all" fraza asta e tare...
    Tu ai compus-o?

  2. @AngelWings: Poezia este compusa de mine, fraza pe de alta parte nu stiu daca a mai fost folosita sau nu, este posibil sa nu fiu primul care foloseste acest joc de cuvinte, dar ideea e originala...pana la urma nu eu am inventat cuvintele, eu doar le-am asezat in contextul respectiv :)
    @LaNayba: time is of the essence! it is not your time!...yet >:) >:) >:)

  3. Ideea este intr-adevar originala, chiar daca un pic mai...mmm... (nu-mi vine in minte acum decat "deviantART") mie imi place. Si talentul nu-ti lipseste, cu siguranta! Felicitari!

  4. todore!!!! mi-e dor de tine mah...cand mai iesim la o bere?
    misto poezia... am vazut in tine un mic poet de cand mi-ai aratat prima poezie(in darkness my sun)...foarte tare!keep up the good work ;)

  5. multumesc :), n-am prea avut timp in ultima vreme dar o sa revin :)